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Litigation Support

The law firm of Michele K. Feinzig, P.A. has provided litigation support for numerous law firms in virtually every type of civil case.  Litigation support can include anything from researching complex issues and providing a trial attorney or client with a memorandum analyzing those issues, to drafting pleadings, motions (for example, summary judgment or post-trial motions), responses or memoranda of law to be filed with the court.

Attorney Feinzig has assisted trial attorneys and clients with all aspects of litigation support.  Her work can be invaluable in cases where an appeal is anticipated, as she understands the need for preserving issues and creating a proper record for appeal, both of which are crucial to obtaining success on appeal.

Ms. Feinzig also knows the standards by which appellate courts review decisions made by trial courts. Consequently, her litigation support work focuses on presenting arguments to the trial court that will not only support a successful outcome in that court, but also best position the case for success on appeal.  Obtaining assistance from an appellate attorney like Ms. Feinzig before an appeal can often obviate the need for an appeal or enhance a case’s settlement potential.

Moreover, litigation support assistance can be of great benefit to busy trial lawyers who do not have time to research and analyze complex issues or draft dispositive motions and memoranda of law, or who do not enjoy research and writing.  Even if they do, an appellate lawyer’s work brings fresh insight to a case.

Attorney Feinzig is happy to provide whatever type or amount of litigation support is needed – from a limited project involving a single issue or motion, to more extensive case assistance.  She welcomes the opportunity to work with trial attorneys and clients in putting their cases in the best possible position for success in the trial court and on appeal.

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